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Survey monkey on tobacco

Posted in Uncategorized by popk on April 25, 2007

I decided to realize a questionnaire about the consumption of cigarettes. Each people who answered at the questionnaire has less than 25 years old. So, it is important to notice that the respondents are young people and we know that, nowadays, people begin to smoke more earlier. Then, 70 % of total respondents are women.             On the total questioned people, 66,7 % smoke regularly. In a word, almost 7 persons on 10 smoke every day. Only, one third doesn’t smoke frequently. 43,8 % of the regular smokers consume between 5 and 10 cigarettes per day. 18,8 % smoke between 11 and 20 cigarettes. So, to sum up, almost the half  of questioned people who smoke consume less than 10 cigarettes per day, so one packet (20 cigarettes) every two days. Indeed, they spend 75 euros on average per month (15 days * 5 euros).Then, it was interesting to know in which place people smoke the most. It results from this survey that people smoke more in discotheques (87,5 %), then in bars (62,5 %), at school (56,2 %), at home (43,8 %) and finally in restaurants (31,2 %). So we can deduce that the consumption of cigarettes is the most higher in places where people can drink alcohol or sodas. So young people smoke more when they go out with their friends. But we can’t forget the law about cigarettes in public places. Indeed, in one year, it will be forbidden to smoke in discotheques and bars !!! 

Then, I wanted to know which brand of cigarettes students usually smoke. The brand Basic was tick by 37,5 % of smokers. Then, Marlboro and Lucky strike with 18,8 % of respondents and finally, Camel (12,5 %). Marlboro is the best known brand worldwide and curiously, Basic is the most quoted brand. Why ? In fact, it is very simple, Basic is the brand the less expensive and propose a better price than Marlboro for instance. Indeed, a packet of Basic costs in
France 4,5 euros and a Marlboro costs 5 euros.


            So, it will be interesting to develop a new brand of cigarettes which targets young people. So it is important to propose a low cost in order to seduce young people because the price is the criteria essential.


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