Humour in advertising

Using humour for serious subject

Posted in Uncategorized by popk on May 3, 2007

Foreview of New Jersey says
“57,000 Americans a year die from colon cancer, nearly the number lost in the entire Vietnam War. This number, according to The American Cancer Society, would drop significantly if people over 50 were checked regularly. But being tested for colon cancer through a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy is not a pleasant experience and most people of course fear the possibility of bad news…. it is clear that The American Cancer Society’s usual strategy of using fear to convince people to either stop smoking, eat better, or get tested would only turn people further away from making the best decisions.

The American Cancer Society has chosen to use another emotion to encourage people to get tested for colon Cancer-humor. Beginning in March 2002, several ads using a man (known as “Polyp Man”), dressed in a big red suit, making him look more like Mr. M&M, will use humor to encourage people to get tested.”


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